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Lets start out by saying that, I am a registered Republican and I make no apologies. However I am a bit confused because currently the republican race is almost resembling  a high end baboon show. I am lost for words. But can I rant a bit about Donald Trump. Now when he officially declared his candidacy, I think like most people, I waited for Ashton Kutcher to jump out from behind him and yell “PUNKEDDDD.” But Ashton has not showed up yet. So it seems that Donald Trump is truly running for the President of the United States. Now I have been watching the, “Donald.” Don’t get me wrong I was fan of Donald at one point in life, until he made claims that Barack Obama was not American. Clearly he’s a racist, I don’t care what anyone wants to say. He is a racist. He never questioned whether George Bush was American. Oh but because the black man because president, he’s not American. PLEASE!! Any who, beside the fact that he is a racist in my opinion. His policies are flawed and he somehow thinks he can run the USA like the Apprentice, or one of his hotels. He is disrespectful to women, immigrants, and clearly just a degrading human being. Now is this who we want in the White House? I think not. Then Donald has this tacky way, often compared to Portia Simpson Miller, in which any criticism that come his way. He pulls up his skirt and is ready to “trace”(argue). This is politics, people will criticize you when you doing good, and throw you in the fiery furnace when you do wrong. But some how, you must remain resilient. You cannot argue with every critic, retweet every tweet and how dare you create false claims concerning 911. Ridiculous!!! Donald in my opinion, is the worst choice for president, he is a great businessman, but clearly not the best fit for the the oval office.

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Why I may consider voting for Hilary. May!!

Now nothing I will say in this post will be based on factual evidence but rather my “biased opinion”. I’ve rallied with the thoughts over the last few months  about whether Hilary, should be the first female president of the United states. I mean she’s been the first lady of the United States, the secretary of state, and a major political powerhouse. But as a woman, I wonder, can we really handle running a superpower country, battle republicians, improve the economy,  fight terrorism and deal with p.m.s, all at the same time?  Sounds like a task!  Personally  pms, makes me feel like I would take on the Iranian president head to head in a tick

le match. My judgement is off, I’m just an emotional wreck. But enough about me. But can Hilary really handle all of what this country has to offer with out breaking down in tears, and telling everyone off. “I.e: Portia Simpson miller” sorry Portia. I had to throw that in there.
But after the recent democratic debate, my heart has changed 13.33.3% towards Hilary.  As I watched the debate, I saw a strong confident woman, who stood amongst  very strong men, and kept it together… she spoke eloquently, defended her emails scandals, and spoke on the issues. Granted that’s just a debate, but Hilary I think your on to something. And I’m excited to see the rest of this race. Who knows I may cast a vote for you come 2016. However if I see one tear fall from those eyes Hilary. It’s over.

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Junior is the problem.

There’s a famous jamaican movie called “dance hall queen.” And in this movie a young man named “junior” witnessed the murder of his friend(Sonny). After which he went crazy, hence the term “junior” was created.  Well at least in my family. So if you here me calling you junior at least you know that I’m referencing to you as someone that is crazy aka mentally unstable.
But this post is not about a movie but something that has been happening repeatedly. That is, mass shootings. In the state of Oregon yesterday, we have witness another young man that decided to go on a shooting rampage which killed 10 other students. While I can go on and on about the 2nd amendment(the right to bear arms), the real issue is that we must deal with the “juniors.”  We must deal with those who are mentally unstable. I must admit I have been a junior at some point in my life, maybe you have too. There were points that I felt that I was going crazy. But I knew that I needed help, whether is was just to talk to a spritual leader or professional counselor. Today however, we have many juniors walking around  and they are not getting help. And then we give junior a gun, without doing any psychological research on this person. We didn’t check to see that they are a ticking time bomb, that just decided to go off in a school, killing someone’s child, someone’s mother or father. The issue is not the right to bear arms. But who is bearing arms. We have to do background check on junior before we give him or her a gun. I mean, here we are again, mourning over 10 souls. Last year we were mourning over another group, years before that we were mourning for kids at sandhusky elementary. We experienced the columbine shootings, and we were shell shocked as a nation. But this has become a norm, we will mourn today and then we go on with our lives.. This is a real issue readers and we cannot ignore it. I urge you today, if you have been struggling mentally get help, if you know someone that is struggling encourage them to get help. Let’s stop another junior before they attack our schools again.

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A Few Tings

10 Things I learned while on vacation in Jamaica:

  1. The JLP leader is ghetto.
  2. The PNP leader is also ghetto..(ain’t gonna call no names)
  3. Ghetto people should not be in power…well.. yeah I’m sticking to that point
  4. The real list starts at number 5.
  5. So  I didn’t know that Jamaica was actually called “the land of wood and water.” Hmm interesting, I saw some people demonstrating on the road saying they don’t have water.. So there goes the water part. Oh and i didn’t have water in my pipe a few days. OH and the wood part.. I shall leave that alone..  If I was living in Jamaica I would possibly consider a job as a seamstress or a tailor. Why you ask? Everyone in Jamaica dresses like a flight attendants (air hostesses) to go to work. I mean down to people working as a cashier in a pharmacy.. Full on  button up shirt and skirt, and u lucky if stockings get pulled out. Oh but Friday is “dress down,” so that is jeans and a button up shirt -_-. I hear the taxis have a uniform too, I wish they would try to put uniform on the guys at Utica ave..
  6. The best massage you can get in your life is from some hustlers outside of a place called bath fountain. As ratchet as that sounds trust me Im not lying. I mean when you go here.. u know hat, go on youtube and search and you will see what I mean.
  7. If your coming to Jamaica for more than a week, do yourself a favor and walk with about $800 in spending money and  practice your “Patwa.” Or if you don’t have a natural accent, hire someone, find someone, or like my cousin said anything you want to buy POINT AT IT.  Other than that your price will be severely inflated. Don’t say I didn’t warn you
  8. Jamaica is hot. Literally, but the beach side is the best experience ever. So i concluded that if I was still living here, I may learn to play a guitar, grow dreads and live by beach, while singing terribly to tourists for tips. 🙂
  9. I learned that this country, like all others, needs the help of God. The youth are becoming desperate, everyone is going to school, but after they finish its almost like a dead end. Lets pray for doors to open for our youth, if not they will resort to scamming, or even worse violence.
  10. Share my Blog, best thing you will ever do in a while.

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My Apostle has been doing some major teaching on kingdom. I realized that this has really allowed me to become more interested in government. I have zoomed in on Gods kingdom, and realized how this world is need of God government. I mean our world is a mess. We have people starving, while some die and leave billions to a dog. Don’t believe me? Google it. I can’t remeber that old woman’s name. But we also have homosexuality ruling our political systems, tv shows(Don’t even get me started on empire I’ll leave that for another post) but its ruling.

But I can ignore that momentarily to talk about something that really grinds my gears. The Jamaican Government, currently under the leadership of the Peoples National Party with the Prime Minister named The Honorable Portia Simpson Miller -_-. Ive only been in Jamaica for  a few days , but here are a few things that have really irked my nerve.

1.Jamaica does not own the highway that they drive on, it belongs to Chinese investors. Yes I said dem no own de road, according to my sources, these Chinese investors will own the road for 40 years. After which Jamaica will then begin to profit, Jesus may be back by that time. So they will never own it.

2. Clan carty high school, I hope I spelled that right. They have turned back between 200-300 kids from school, because the school does not have enough chairs for students. -_-. let me repeat that, the students could not come to school because there isn’t enough chairs in the school. its 2015 for Christ sake, we have the worlds fastest woman and man. A very profitable tourism industry. But de picky dem don’t have enough chair to sit pan. (Please excuse my patios)

3.  THE PNP PARTY. So Portia and her crew had what we call a PNP conference where i guess she planned to talk about all that her party accomplished. So what i saw on my way to church were vast amounts of people, dressed in orange going to the conference. The news brought us inside and all I saw was a mass crowd of people, there for a hype. Im almost positive if i stopped a van load of them that were leaving and ask them what was being said, nobody would be able to tell me. However Portia went on to say that she and the party created 60,000 job. Really portia?? u did?? so why is was there a demonstration  off mandela highway because people want food. Obviously they have no jobs.   The unemployment rate would be lower, and the economy would be in a much better place. #primeministerbye

4. THE JLP PARTY. After the news aired the PNP conference, the JLP leader went on a rant. Which in my opinion, was just G.H.E.T.T.O. He began saying that Portia had to beg for applause. NO she did not. She was speaking to a bunch of people that half had ADHD, and lost focus after the first 4 sentences she uttered. The he said she said she created 60,000 job, he said ” she created 60,000 day wuk”. For those of you who aren’t Jamaican, he saying that she did not create long lasting jobs, rather she created short term job, which lasted a day.. I actually thought this was hilarious and have been laughing ever since. However it was still ghetto, and downright unprofessional. And a monkey would put the JLP back in power.

5. The Chinese. Now I don’t hate the Chinese, at all. But they apparently own everything in this country, how did this happen? why is this happening? From wholesales, to restaurants, to highways. They rule the world, and our country is not benefitting. According to my source, the Chinese or any person opening a business, will come into Jamaica and open a wholesale. They are given a 5 year tax break, so the country is not benefitting for 5 years. They are selling our people, making large profits and then as their five year mark approaches.. They close down there business, go back to where they came from, they return after some time again; reopen the business under another name and get another 5 year tax break… So hold on, the government isn’t realizing this. Our country is not benefitting from them and their business, they are using us. But no the government to busy building highway that they don’t even own. Baffoonery!!

Who I think should run this country. NOT JLP (How can we forget the DUDUS drama under them, Hey Bruce Hey!) NOT PNP!! BUT RATHER G.O.D.. This nation is in trouble, spiritually, economically, educationally. and ever other ally. And sorry to say the human government makes me sick. I know some of you are saying “well why don’t you pray for them.” Im at the point that Im praying for God to come and rule this earth and I want His government. God looks out for the welfare of the people, apparently this government is looking out for the welfare of themselves and dem big house pan beverly hills.

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